Additional Information


During the year 2016, and just like in previous years, the main suppliers of LATAM Airlines were the aircraft manufacturers, Airbus and Boeing.  Along with them, LATAM Airlines has a number of other suppliers, primarily related to aircraft accessories, spare parts and components, such as: Pratt & Whitney, MTU Maintenance, Rolls-Royce, Pratt and Whitney Canada, CFM International, General Electric Comercial Aviation Services Ltd., General Electric Celma, General Electric Engines Service, Honeywell, Israel Aerospace Industries, Air France/KLM (engines and APU); Zodiac Seats US, Recaro, Zodiac Seats UK (seats); Teledyne (TCS B787-9); Honeywell y Rockwell Collins (Avionics); Air France/KLM, LUFTHANSA Technik (MRO components); Panasonic, Thales (On-board entertainment); SAFRAN Landing Systems (trains and brakes); UTC Aerospace (Nacelas). To these, we must be added our fuel suppliers, such as Raízen, World Fuel Services, YPF, Petrobras, Terpel, Repsol, Shell and Copec, among others.


LATAM Airlines, in consideration of all those areas that involve a potential risk takes up insurance policies that can be classified in three main categories: Aviation Insurance, Hull and Legal Liabilities. These types of insurance cover all the risks inherent to commercial navigation such as aircraft, engines, spare parts and third-party civil liability insurance: passenger, cargo, baggage, products, airports, etc. After the Association of LAN with TAM, the insurance policies for both companies began to be purchased by the LATAM Airlines Group, generating increased trading volumes and resulting in lower operating costs.


This insurance group permits covering all risks that may affect the company’s equity capital, particularly its physical and financial assets; all of which are protected through multi-risk insurance policies (which includes risks of fire, theft, computer equipment failure, consignments of values, crystals, and others based on a comprehensive coverage), along with the traditional coverage of motor vehicles, air and maritime transport, corporate civil liability, etc. plus life and casualty insurance. This group of insurance policies covers all company personnel: i.e. executives, employees in general, and flight crews.


The company and its subsidiaries use different trademarks, which are duly registered with the competent agencies in the various countries in which they develop their operations or that constitute their origin and/or destination, with the purpose of differentiating and marketing their products and services in such country. Among the main brands are: LATAM Airlines, LATAM Airlines Argentina, LATAM Airlines Brazil, LATAM Airlines Chile, LATAM Airlines Colombia, LATAM Airlines Ecuador, LATAM Airlines Peru, LATAM Cargo, LATAM PASS, LATAM Fidelidade, LATAM Travel, among others.


The Company has no customers that individually represent more than 10% of sales.