Loyalty Programs

More than 26 million registered members

Frequent flyer programs are intended to acknowledge the loyalty of those passengers that fly the most by giving them various benefits and awards.  This is a distinctive feature of the LATAM Group airlines and one of the ways that companies have to thank their customer preference; one which is indeed highly valued by the passengers.

Within the framework of the unification process of the LATAM Brand, in 2016, the two loyalty programs offered by the Company adopted new names: LATAM Pass (formerly, LAN Pass), and LATAM Fidelidade (formerly, TAM Fidelidade), including improvements and more benefits that seek to contribute significantly to the LATAM Group travel experience.

Additionally, current member categories were unified, leaving four unique categories for all of the Group’s affiliates:  Gold (formerly, Premium and formerly Blue); Platinum (formerly, Silver and formerly Vermelho); Black (formerly, Commodore and formerly Vermelho Plus) and Black Signature (formerly Black in both programs). Moreover, these four categories retain their OneWorld equivalents; where Gold corresponds to Ruby, Platinum to Sapphire, while both Black and Black Signature correspond to Emerald.

It is worth highlighting that the benefits of these four new categories will remain the same for passengers flying with the LATAM Group Airlines, as well as with the other OneWorld alliance members.

The name change of the LATAM Group’s Frequent Flyer Program incorporates improvements, facilitates the processes of kilometer accumulation, and enables access to superior categories expanding the benefits to customers.  One of the most important changes is that now members applying for a courtesy upgrade will receive confirmation of the benefit 12 hours before the flight (before, such benefit was granted upon the closing of the flight and its confirmation depended on the existence of available space).  The members of LATAM Pass and LATAM Fidelidade that now have cabin upgrade coupons may access this benefit in all the flights of the Group’s airlines, regardless of the program to which they are affiliated.

Insofar as the program’s currency is concerned, they remain unchanged; namely, LATAM Pass members will continue to accumulate kilometers while LATAM Fidelidade members will continue to accumulate points.

As of the closing of the year 2016, the Company has more than 26 million registered members in its frequent flyer programs; i.e. a 15.4% increase as compared to 2015; with 13.0 million members under LATAM Pass (1.9 million more than in the previous year), and 13.2 million members under LATAM Fidelidade (1.6 million more than in the previous year).

In 2016, the LATAM Group had 2.3 million tickets redeemed; i.e. 31% more than the previous year.