Corporate Citizenship

Our commitment to the region

Corporate citizenship seeks to enrich links with customers, employees, communities, governments and suppliers building positive relationships which, in turn, contribute to the company, to society and to the destinations where we operate. It allows obtaining the “Social License” to operate; namely, the vote of confidence of our stakeholders. Corporate citizenship includes philanthropy, but expands our framework of vision to include actions that improve social impact.

Our 2015-2018 Corporate Sustainability Strategy defines four action objectives, involving both the communities where we operate as well as persons:

  1. To support the company’s internal culture and the well-being of our collaborators;
  1. To incorporate social and environmental variables in products and services that improve customer experience;
  1. To contribute to the economic development of those destinations where we operate; and
  1. To contribute to the preservation of the cultural and environmental heritage of Latin America.

This outlook is aligned with two strategic company pillars: “Brand and customer experience” and “Organizational strength”; both of them essential to foster a culture where each of our actions and decisions should consider their impact in a balanced way, not only to our bottom line but also over persons and customers.  In order to ensure that the differentiating experience that LATAM seeks to deliver to its customers is indeed consistent over time –regardless of the county of operation- the company has a common purpose that provides direction, motivation and mobilizes the actions of the more than 45 thousand persons that comprise its human team.

In order to comply with this objective, LATAM relies on three pillars that guide behavior toward providing a memorable and differentiating service:

  • Safety: at all times we guarantee our safety and security, and that of our team and of our customers;
  • Courtesy: we care about the needs and emotions of persons and strive to solve their problems gently;
  • Efficiency: We endeavor to improve ourselves continuously.

The delivery services of excellence and providing a differentiating experience to customers are key aspects that explain the business success of the LATAM Group, both in its passenger as well as in its cargo segments. We seek to transform the experience of a traditional trip into something nimble, fast, with less waiting time at airports, less time between connections, more on-board entertainment options and more information in case of contingencies.  The most important project related to customers experience, is the Twist Project.

Through Twist we seek that our teams know how to prioritize their agenda, review projects and customize the products or services that they deliver in order to generate a new relationship with each of our customers, thereby gaining their preference. The project ranges from how to apply company policies to the distribution of roles and responsibilities; also adopting tools for real-time monitoring of customer satisfaction. A key element has been our increased collaborator commitment given a greater decision-making autonomy.

By December 2016, the company ended up with approximately 9 thousand people working under the Twist model, which includes all employees working in the contact centers, the airports hubs, half of the airports in Brazil and large non-hub airports.

Since we operate in several countries of the region, the scope of our impact is quite broad; affecting all the communities that we operate through the connectivity generated and the local impact of our operations. This is why we have defined, within the framework of our bond with the communities that we will seek to contribute to the economic development and the conservation of the cultural and environmental heritage of Latin America. We seek to contribute to the development of the region by promoting sustainable tourism and by positioning ourselves as regional sustainability leaders.

Within the framework of sustainable tourism, since 2009, LATAM has been carrying out the “I take care of my destination” (CMD, in its Spanish acronym) program, adding Brazil to this initiative since 2015. Students and community members work together in the recovery of public spaces of touristic value, such as monuments or important buildings in each city.  As part of such CMD Program, students and authorities receive training talks about tourist awareness, environment and local culture, thus promoting responsible tourism and the care of Latin America’s historical and cultural heritage. Since its inception, the program has developed 66 times in 26 locations in Latin America, with the participation of more than 3,500 students and volunteers from the LATAM Airlines Group.

Finally, through our operation we seek to support Social Investments; which we do via contributions to non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) whose work positively contributes toward the continent’s development, combating poverty, ensuring environmental preservation, citizenship participation and the protection of human rights. We also provide support by transporting volunteers or via direct donations. During 2016 were donated more than 3 thousand airline tickets and transported 672 tons of goods to provide support in disaster cases.